Why doesn't my Definitive Technology Studio Slim sound bar function when initially unpacked?
You must first connect your Studio Slim sound bar to your home WiFi network. There is a brief and easy procedure to set your sound bar up for optimal performance. Please download the Google Home app for your Android or iOS device and use it to connect and update your Studio Slim.

This procedure requires:
  • Internet connection.
  • Google Home app download.


Note: Follow the steps below or click here to download a more detailed pdf version of this procedure. 

1 - Download the Google Home app and open it.
2 - From the Home screen, tap the add icon “+”.
3 - Select “Setup device.”
4 - Under “New devices”, select “Set up new device.”
5 - Select “Home” and click “NEXT.”
6 - Select your device (DT Studio Slim) from the list of devices found and click “NEXT.”
(Make sure you’re close to the sound bar; when connection is stablished, the sound bar will make a sound).
7 - Click "Yes" if you heard the sound from the sound bar.
8 - Follow the sharing device stats, location selection and name prompts.
9 - Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter your password.
Note: Wi-Fi connection starts now.
10 - Click “CONTINUE” when prompted “Linking your DT Studio Slim.”
11 - Click “NEXT” when the “Almost done!” screen appears and follow the final prompts.

Your sound bar is now connected to the internet. It should now function properly.